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HDC is the region's premier software development & design conference. Join hundreds of attendees learning new techniques & languages for software development, web design, mobile applications, testing, deployment & more!

enhance your coding skills

AIM HDC 2014

AIM Powers HDC in 2014


AIM HDC 2014 | Sept 3-5, 2014

Without question, software continues to change the world we live in. If you’ve never heard of HDC, this is the region’s longest running local software design and development conference. Established as a home-grown community conference, HDC attracts a diverse group of individuals wearing many stripes. The opportunity to network across so many boundaries makes attending The Heartland Developers Conference an easy choice.



Industry experts and local leaders focus on sharing the latest knowledge, demonstrate new techniques, build understanding and teach hands-on workshops


Competitive with industry events anywhere, you can reboot, re-launch and reignite your passion right in your own backyard


HDC is the network hub for software innovation strengthening our growing design and development community and all who support us


2014 HDC Sessions


This is the eleventh year for the Heartland Developers Conference annual promotion of software knowledge and innovation. HDC’s concentration on practitioner-driven hands-on content is a hallmark. One veteran attendee commented, “HDC is the best place to learn what the smartest companies are doing to solve their biggest problems.”

HDC is energizing, not only for software developers, but everyone involved, from keynote speakers and instructors to presenters and sponsors. One attendee described HDC this way, “My mind was really opened up to fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. I connected with some of the brightest minds in the region. There’s nothing like that experience.”

Get fully immersed in the HDC community and tap into the energy of the conference. The atmosphere is fun and the speakers knowledgeable. If you’re interested in getting things done – for yourself, for your team, for a customer – you’ll kick yourself if you miss this conference.

Don’t just take our word for it!

"One of the best developer events in the country, period. Each time I've attended, I am blown away with what you guys do in the Midwest."

− Scott Guthrie, CVP, Microsoft, .NET Developer Platform

"I grew up in Iowa and now I work in Chicago. I go to a lot of events and I can tell you there is no other conference like HDC. The quality and professionalism for the price is unmatched."

− Jake Tennor, Sr. Application Developer, Pepsi Co.

"When I was asked to speak at HDC, I had heard it was this great underground event in Nebraska. It's not anymore. I tell everyone I meet about HDC! It's an incredible atmosphere with top-notch programming and top-notch talent. You are lucky you have HDC in that region!"

− Karyn Simpson, Web Architect, Tools, Google

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