With a myriad of pixel densities and screen resolutions, responsive web design techniques and tools have become critical to today’s modern web designers and developers.  Achieving responsive design however remains a challenge. Making this move means increased emphasis on typography.  Making this move means relying on modern CSS standards.  Making this move means having vector graphics step up to the plate and making raster graphics easy to create.  Join Adobe Evangelists Paul Trani and Kevin Hoyt, to explore the future of responsive design, web standards and related tooling.


As Senior Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist for Adobe, Paul focuses on workflows that empower designers and developers to create amazing interactive content for the web and mobile devices.

Paul has been an Adobe Certified Instructor and courseware creator for over a decade. A writer and prolific trainer, Paul has earned top author status at and has created a constant stream of content for AdobeTV as well as his own tutorials on

Prior to joining Adobe, Paul led a team of interactive designers and developers at Starz Entertainment producing multimillion dollar web and mobile campaigns.

When he is not traversing the globe he can be found hiking somewhere in the Colorado mountains (and he’s not telling where). Best chance to find him is to follow him on twitter: @paultrani